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Why is Jackfruit the Perfect Vegan food?

15 April 2021

A Rich Source of protein with a chewy texture, Jackfruit may be the ideal meat substitute.

While ripe Jackfruit can be hard to find at local grocery stores, preserved Jackfruit in Brine or Syrup are easier to find. Jackfruit is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and protein, making it a great option for people on the Vegan diet.

Kosa has two different Jackfruit options: The Canned Jackfruit in Syrup and the Canned Young Green Jackfruit in Brine. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

“Green” can also mean unripe, and is traditionally used as a meat substitute, and being young it has a chewy texture. One delicious way to use this is as the meat substitute in a Pulled “Pork” Sandwich, you can see our Kosa recipe here. Young Jackfruit has a very neutral taste and can absorb the spices or sauce of the dish you are incorporating it in, making it very flexible in a variety of recipes.

The Kosa Jackfruit in Syrup has an authentic taste of tropical Jackfruit from Thailand. The Jackfruit in Syrup is sweeter, and more often used in desserts. It has a different texture than Jackfruit in Brine and is not as suitable as a meat substitute. Instead, using it as part of a fruit salad or in a smoothie will give great results!

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